And already it’s 2021 – New Year’s resolutions

New Year's resolutions

Actually, we didn’t want to deal too much with the coronavirus here in the Meminto blog. But looking at the past year, this virus is unfortunately part of our lives. And this will not change abruptly, at least not at the beginning of this new year. Our generation is experiencing a time that will go down in the history books. And we will probably have to explain terms like lockdown, quarantine or everyday mask to our grandchildren later on, because hopefully they will never have to experience such a pandemic. And how we can tell our descendants about Corona in the future, we’ll come back to that later.

“Come over well”, “Happy New Year”, “All the best for 2021”, “Stay healthy”!

How often have we received these or similar wishes at the end of the year 2020 or have given them to others. Some just as a phrase, some from the heart and seriously meant. But despite everything, they are only wishes, of which we do not know whether and to what extent they will come true. Of course, one wishes others and oneself all the best for a new year, health, happiness, prosperity – but unfortunately one cannot contribute much to the fact that all this really happens. What you can do is to consistently keep your New Year’s resolutions, which you usually make at the end of the year.

Yes, yes – the good resolutions for the new year

A few days ago we celebrated Christmas. Due to Corona restrictions, everything was different than we were used to in previous years. Less stress, less visiting, less this and less that. But: more time! More time for oneself, for the closest family, more time for walks, more time for conversations, more time for contemplation.ย 

Yes, indeed, Christmas 2020 was quite contemplative on the whole, wasn’t it? Contemplative comes from reflect, ponder, remember. Remembering the year that has passed, thinking about what 2021 will be like. What will be done when the pandemic is over. What we learned from the Corona period and what we will definitely do differently in the new year. And that automatically brings us back to the New Year’s resolutions we made for 2021.


Exercise more, eat less, visit grandma more often, practice the guitar, clean out the basement.

These are the classic good intentions. And unfortunately, you always find out very quickly that you somehow don’t get your act together, that you don’t have the energy to follow up your resolutions with action, or that you started out full of energy, but after a short time you fall back into your old behavior patterns.ย 

But why do you lose sight of your goals so quickly? Were they too ambitious, unrealistic? Is there a lack of consistency and commitment? Or has everyday life caught up with you so quickly after the festive season that the lofty goals you had for 2021 have simply been forgotten again?

Even the longest path begins with the first step

This or similar is a Chinese proverb. And there really is some truth in it. But maybe you’ve simply set out on a path that’s far too long. You took the first step, but you ran out of steam on the way, lost sight of your goal, or even lost sight of the path. This can also happen, you certainly know the wisdom: “The way is the goal”. But if you lose sight of the way, you will never reach the goal.

The policy of small steps

We don’t want to get too philosophical here, but even when it comes to keeping New Year’s resolutions, it’s often better to take small steps than to take giant leaps. It’s better to set achievable goals, to do things that you can easily implement in small steps. Things that you can easily integrate into your daily routine without having to turn your whole life upside down. Celebrate small successes. The greater the motivation to work on the goals and the lower the risk of disappointment over missed goals.

Sorting photos, disposing of expired medicine, painting the children’s room.

Of course, these are not the big challenges. They’re not the kind of New Year’s resolutions that make an impression on friends, and hopefully they won’t notice if you don’t manage to keep them. So along the lines of: “I wanted to lose 10 kilos this year, I still have to lose 13”.

But think about it. What did you think when you flipped through what felt like 4200 photos on your smartphone at Christmas? You thought you should save them on your computer, nicely sorted by date. And just the wonderful pictures from your summer vacation, you could make a whole photo book of them. Would have to, could have to, could have…. You have it in your hand. That would be a nice, achievable goal for 2021!

How a “no more!” can be a beautiful beginning at the same time.

The pictures there in your smartphone show the whole development of your daughter in the last years. How often have you pulled out your cell phone in the past to once again capture a special moment? And how many of these photos disappear forever and ever in the data nirvana of your smartphone.

But that’s over now! In the new year, we’re going to really spruce things up, which means moving them to your computer, sorting them chronologically into files, and creating extra folders for special events, such as this beautiful summer vacation. And with that you already have a first item on the list of small resolutions for the new year.

Meminto Book

Imagine it would end up being a real book

And while you’re sorting through your photos so beautifully, why not make a little more of them? The many pictures of your daughter, the events and touching stories associated with them, they are just made for a real childhood book. A book, completely individual about the first years of your daughter, like you can order it at Meminto. Then your girl can later read for herself what she was like as a little child.

Create a book for you and your child now!

Get access to hundreds of questions. We'll structure your answers, make sure you don't forget anything, and take care of printing and mailing. In a few weeks you will have a book about your child in your mailbox!

How can you sort your photos and make a book out of them at the same time?

Meminto helps you with that. With Meminto you will create the book step by step according to your ideas. Week after week, you will be asked specific questions about the special experiences you associate with your daughter. Your answers will then be used to create your daughter’s childhood book. And because you supplement these memories of your child with the matching photos, you also bring order to your photo collection.

Is ingenious

Meminto helps you to make a book and at the same time supports you to realize good resolutions for the new year.

Just go to and click on “My child & I“. Everything else will be explained. You’ll see how quickly you can get your own printed book with the help of meminto. Or even several, because such a beautiful book awakens desires, with grandpa, grandma, aunt and other family members. So next Christmas you’ll have a nice gift for everyone.

And this closes the circle

Oh yes, we wanted to talk again about how we want to explain the Corona era to our descendants later on. Preferably with a book. A book that describes all the circumstances of the pandemic, with photos from that time, with cheerful but also sad stories from 2020, with newspaper articles and other experiences. A book that keeps the memories of Corona alive and at the same time reminds our children and grandchildren that nothing in the world can be taken for granted. You can also have such a book created at Meminto.

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